Unwilling to perjure, & obaying your hippocratic oath; tell the truth

~ 60 Minutes ~

  www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBFrb3EcJeA 22nd Sept 2019

30:34: ..as we’ve spoken to more and more Afghanistan veterans, it’s clear that most do want accountability; not for ‘fog of war’ incidents, but for those suspected of war crimes that cross a line. But something else is also clear: those who witnessed or know of atrocities are desperately searching for their own peace, and true accountability might just help them find it.

Dusty Miller 31:00:

Yeh it’s, ..it’s indelible, it’s with me; my job in the army is, I’m an army medic, and it goes completely against.. ..everything that I believe in. …

Yeh there’s a huge amount of guilt that I feel; morally, I feel as a medic.. you know, I could  intervened, maybe more than I did and that will stay with me. But again, I can’t expand any further than that.   …

~ ~ ~

~ 60 Minutes ~

www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztsj5XjZD0Y 28th June 2020

Dusty Miller:

00:55: …you have a moral compass, it’s pretty set to true north; but unfortunately, it got.. it got kind of, it kinda put off a little bit. I know, I believe I know what’s right and wrong; and what we did, and what happened there was very, very wrong.

11:50: … I told him what happened that I said I wasn’t happy, and I felt that there was a serious breach of ethics, here. …

12:30:    SAS medic Dusty Miller has never recovered from having an innocent Afghan ripped from his care … only to be stomped to death by a fellow Australian soldier. He’s developed severe PTSD from the incident which has landed him in the psychiatric ward for veterans in Melbourne three times.

                12:50 …how dark has it got for you?

Ah, the darkest, yeh, the darkest. I; yeh it’s; I, it’s hard to explain how dark it’s been, it’s been bad.

                You’ve never let this go?

No I can’t let it go.

                Why not?

Ah it’s; ask a doctor; a Hippocratic oath. Ask them why; why it’s their duty, their responsibility.. their; it’s; ..they’ve got to treat that person; they’ve got to do the best they can to save that person.

                His former SAS comrades Dr Dan Pronkin,  medic Steve Thompson, have watched Dusty fight his own war:

You’ve got this inherent.. instinct to protect and preserve the life of your patient; and when that is taken out of your hands, you, you’d feel an enormous amount of internal conflict, and a massive sense of injustice.. . ~

When Dusty came home he, he was never able to turn that down, and so he just continued; and we lost the old Dusty, unfortunately, and got this new one that has ended up ruminating on these experiences for years now, and it’s caused this sadly, a fairly self destructive spiral in his mental health. … .

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