Are you a victim of DEFRA’s corruption undermining honest values?

Straight Talking” & “Honest Politics“, Labour’s regular red herrings:

The misrepresentation, orchestrating & conspiring to rewrite our Nation’s history – wilfully deceiving the public merely to add new public rights of ways to the Definitive Map, is a significant ongoing conspiracy to defraud according to the common law. Many fictitious/false discovery of evidences have been made to allege necessary changes to the original Definitive Map, —reviews under the guise of conformity with statute such as the Highways Act 1980, & the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981; no such multiple abuse of process can succeed/take place without the shields of deep rooted corruption within public office.

Quasi public inquiries occur where, ordinarily, the only place an effective challenge to the personal and politically bias inspectors, intensely corrupt reports, is in the High Court; it’s prohibitively expensive – thus ordinarily, doesn’t happen.

Innocent people may become accountable, but due to the deceit do not realise that what they are doing is a public wrong. However, when it is evident that some are clearly acting in common purpose with others & their common purpose illustrates public evil nexus public inquiry fixing, abuse of process, fraud and wilful corruption of public justice; it’s both rational and reasonable to infer that they are no different to common criminals:

In the Del Basso case, Lord Justice Leveson concluded by quoting from the final remarks of the trial judge, Judge Baker QC, who said:

I have received the strong impression that neither the [appellants] nor their accountants appreciated fully the risk that the companies and individuals involved in the park and ride operation faced from confiscation proceedings.

They have treated the illegality of the operation as a routine business risk with financial implications of the form of potential fines or, at worst, injunctive proceedings. This may reflect a more general public impression among those confronted by enforcement notices with the decision whether to comply with the law or to flout it.

The law, however, is plain. Those who choose to run operations in disregard of planning enforcement requirements are at risk of having the gross receipts of their illegal businesses confiscated. This may greatly exceed their personal profits. In this respect they are in the same position as thieves, fraudsters and drug dealers. Case: Del Basso & Goodwin v. R [2010] EWCA Crim 1119


Is the recorded activity of the Travelling-forum – their allies & cronies perpetrating trespass & expropriation of/over private land a public matter – for the public to know: public office fraud (misfeasance – malfeasance)?

Consider the following article:…-because-politicians-are-less-corrupt.html

Britain has most honest citizens in the world… because politicians are less corrupt…

6:00PM GMT 09 Mar 2016 [The Daily Telegraph Thursday 10 March 2016]

Corruption in government and big business has a knock on effect, making citizens less moral, a study has shown

Britain has the most trustworthy citizens in the world because our politicians are less corrupt than those abroad, say psychologists, suggesting honesty really is the best policy.

New research has found that honesty is not a universal trait, but is primarily governed by the ethics of a country’s leaders. If elections are rigged or politicians are open to bribes, or there is high level of tax evasion and fraud, then the bad behaviour from on-high trickles down into the general population.

Academics at the University of Nottingham tested the honesty of 2,500 young people who were unlikely to be aware of the level of corruption in their homeland.

They were asked to roll a die in private and were given a cash reward based on the number rolled. The higher the number the more money they received. Comparing their reported results to the probability distribution of dice roles, researchers could tell if they were lying about their score. British students were found to be the most honest, along with those from Sweden, Germany, Lithuania and Italy. At the other end of the scale were those from Tanzania, Morocco, China and Vietnam.

The authors say the study shows that the price of corruption for society goes far deeper than purely financial, and can have a devastating psychological impact.

“Ethical values, including honesty, are transmitted from prestigious people, peers and parents,” said lead author Dr Simon Gachter, professor of psychology and economic decision making at the University of Nottingham.

“People often take high-status individuals such as business leaders and celebrities as role models, and their cheating can set bad examples for dishonest practices

“Similarly, if politicians set bad examples by using fraudulent tactics like rigging elections, nepotism and embezzlement, then the honesty of citizens might suffer, because corruption is fostered in wider parts of society.

“Rule violations not only have direct adverse economic consequences, but might also impair individual intrinsic honesty that is crucial for the smooth functioning of society.”

The authors say that widespread fraud and corruption tends to lead to a ‘shadow economy’ where citizens start believing it is acceptable to live outside of traditional moral codes.

“If cheating is pervasive in society and goes often unpunished, then people might view dishonesty in certain everyday affairs as justifiable,” added Dr Gachter.

“If many people work in the shadow economy and thereby evade taxes, peer effects might make cheating more acceptable.

“If corruption is endemic in society, parents may recommend a positive attitude towards corruption and other acts of dishonesty

“Experiencing frequent unfairness, an inevitable by-product of cheating, can also increase dishonesty.”

According to Transparency International, which monitors corruption in countries across the world. Britain has improve significantly since 2012, and is now in the top 10 least corrupt countries in the world. The improvement has been driven by government attempts to crack down on bribery and tax evasion in recent years.

According to the study it should mean that Britons are getting more honest.

Dr Shaul Shalvi of the Center for Research in Experimental Economics and Political Decision Making at the University of Amsterdam, said: “Corruption not only deprives people of economic prosperity and growth, but also jeopardizes their intrinsic honesty.

“Several intriguing questions remain open for future work. How long does it take for an individual’s honesty to be shaped by their country’s score?

“According to a survey by Transparency International, corruption levels fell significantly in several countries, including Britain, Greece and Senegal, between 2012 and 2015. When should we expect to see more honesty in these countries?”

The research was published in the journal Nature.


..the above article complements my interpretation and belief that DEFRA’s “unwritten policy to corrupt the Definitive Map (public rights of ways)” is detrimental and unethical to having ‘good society’; anyone reading (having diversely read) the facts re Devon County Council’s sham public inquiries effecting changes to the Definitive Map (upper Culm Valley), that crime pays if it’s concealed by political agenda – corruption; but the common law of England & Wales is clear re the statute law: Fraud Act 2006; reconsider Dr Simon Gachter’s words:

“If politicians set bad examples by using fraudulent tactics like rigging elections, nepotism and embezzlement, then corruption is fostered in wider parts of society”

..and apply it to Hilary Benn’s socialism, he that masquerades behind slogans such as “Straight Talking” & “Honest Politics“. —There can be no doubting Hilary Benn’s political skill and gift for rhetoric, but what of his legacy re the Definitive Map; is he not the master of one Britain’s biggest judicial disasters, injustices? — ‘Yes!’ according to the Attorney General’s introduction (9 January 2007) to the Fraud Act 2006;

Mr Benn appears one of the few vipers in politics that you can’t trust with a barge-pole on a barge* re democracy and access to justice — i.e., not with the security of your privacy and home. [*Because he or one of his cronies will take every opportunity to ensure socialism dominates, —remove you or your family’s dignity from your own home, such is his lubricity and stealthy charisma; that’s why he overtly orates from behind slogans of trust & honesty, —he knows his own integrity is as hollow as a scaled pipe: deceptive on the outside because it’s constipated with deceit within.]

Mr Benn’s inciting trespass over the homes of others – and the subsequent sham public inquiries is not only well and truly documented, —his hypocrisy re “Straight Talking” & “Honest Politics” was openly recorded at the Labour Party Conference, September 2009, Brighton.


So where are the whistle-blowers,* —is it not that DEFRA was created from an office reshuffle, a clear-out of any potential threat or exposure likely to impeach the perpetrators of the illicit conspiracy? —that that often involves a significant passage of time, on average, upwards of c20 years or more of procurement to be successful; a most remarkable feat of political cum criminal engineering, multiple perverse abuses of elderly home-owners, —their dignity broken by socialist despots like Hilary Benn & their henchmen/women within the Planning Inspectorate, DEFRA’s creation in 2001 – 20 years since the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981. [*Weeded out at the beginning.]

Not just a few corrupt – quasi public inquiries involving a small number of private paths being made public; many illicit acts of expropriation and obstruction of justice engineered by fraudsters as morally bent as those in the Savile v. Roberts case.* Hilary Benn’s barriers against justice are unpleasant, to say the least! —orchestrated misconduct in public office, fraud to conceal fraud. [*An abuse of process and malicious prosecution by Roberts, having previously placed physical barriers against Savile, did falsely accuse – & cause punitive activity against Savile, —an innocent man, his liberty and lawful rights re land.]

Benn appears the mastermind of the inquiry fixing and undermining the principles of natural justice, has plainly incited trespass, and punitive oppression against the [elderly] victims of his political and unlawful activity.

300 years after Savile v. Roberts, in 1998 malicious activity was taking place in the Culm Valley, Jenny Parsons appears to have been enticing & inciting stealth with others including those linked to Uffculme Parish Council; an acrid synergy of stealthy conspiracies was occurring. By 2008 Mr Benn was oppressing our truth and history in conspiracy with agent provocateurs inclusive of Jenny Parsons, Emily Spurway, Julie Rudge & Roy Coombs, collectively identified as the Travelling-forum, Devon County Council’s black-ops forum re public rights of way.

When exactly the trespass nexus significant dishonesty began is not too difficult to comprehend, given the wealth of information available. Many like to trace their family history – find their grass roots; so it’s understandable that they would want to (be able to) rely on independent and impartial, not fraudulent findings. Our national heritage can be understood objectively, or, it can be exploited and abused for political purpose. Many recognise the quality of our (U.K.) heritage and records offices, and the help attainable from the staff within.

Three notable areas of common law evidence that assist researchers to establish occupants and landownership are (in simple): Poor law overseers, Tithe, & Finance Act 1910. The afore three when read in conjunction with Parish Council Minutes [Their commencement as of the Local Government Act 1894.] and other local authority records; enable proof beyond reasonable doubt, as per the ownership and occupancy of land, and whether it was public or not re public rights of way. Reasonable distinction can be made between private land with a public path or private easement: path or road (or both); [e.g.] agricultural; or land considered out of private ownership, and/or a public highway for general use.

As the stealth in the parishes of Uffculme & Culmstock intensified re the complex conspiracy to claim new public rights of way; the instigators, aware that landowner dedication was not forthcoming, became both ‘inventive & selective’ in their portrayal of the facts. The Travelling-forum appear (to the author) to be ‘A most organised, yet, inept & unreliable scheming assembly, as one could imagine!’

By the mid 1970s Uffculme Parish Council had started to record the (their-own) stealth; however, when the new Parish Clerk and his father were politely challenged for trespass in c1980 – witnessed by the author; without any record, —events not publicly recorded until 4th April 2005 [By the same Parish Clerk (still in office) Dec 1978 – Dec 2015], —the situation had become most complex; tortuous activity and maladministration was spiralling out of control: A combination of false belief & corruption was creating a Pandora’s box.

Stealth by its self illicit nature causes its own detrimental build-up of damning evidence, —long-term self harm. Devon County Council’s artisans of misrepresenting common law evidence during quasi public inquiries judged by DEFRA’s corrupt – especially selected for their ability to assist the corruption in place, —each one blinkered by their own political bent.

To enable the Travelling-forum’s fraud to function in partisan with DEFRA’s corrupt inspectors requires a collaborative central hub: The Planning Inspectorate’s corrupt manipulators operate from inside Temple Quay House, Bristol to control every aspect of the quasi public inquiries; perhaps Dr Shaul Shalvi should take a look at the overt facts, he may find them most interesting!


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