A tribute to the late Jo Cox M.P.

George Osborne’s emphasis, stressing  the importance of democratic freedom: “People are free in this country to live their lives as they choose and express themselves without fear,” he said. “Society will protect their right to do so and hold to account those who disregard our laws. Today’s horrible events are an assault on all of these values.” [source: The Daily Telegraph 17:06:2016; re the murder of The Honourable (Mrs) Jo Cox M.P.]

Will corruption & public office fraud not continue to diminish without open unadulterated exposure of the existing rot within the governance & public employment of our society? Jo Cox appears to have been a significantly rare example of an M.P.; or am I wrong − why is it that Jo Cox’s character does not appear stereotypical of a Labour Party M.P.; why is the integrity of her character the opposite of Hilary Benn M.P.?

Why did Tommy Mair, her killer, get it so significantly wrong? Violence isn’t the solution! Society needs to do more, to objectively understand, why Mair was so significantly affected by evil − was he not hinged or did he become unhinged due to the austerity − his inability to receive/access the assistance of the local NHS mental health team in his area; was he fobbed off with inappropriate medication as a permanent quick-fix?

The stigma surrounding working memory difficulties & mental health needs to be looked at by those with the charisma & caring resolve of the late Jo Cox M.P., if indeed they exist; and we optimistically have to believe that they do.

We have to ask: Why does DEFRA Labour’s overt ill doing, bad faith, generate dishonesty during sham public inquiries that obfuscate the truth being heard; what illicit harm to society does prolific fraudulent activity cause?

If the corruption is not due to the significant political undue influence, then what; how does the absolute nonsense, the bigotry & bias, prosper so strongly in a (an alleged) democracy?

There clearly appears a significant divide, a chasm, between Mrs Cox as an exemplary icon and of good nature, & those not − clearly lacking sincere integrity. A dark difficult public issue (corruption) has been sadly brought to light by the brutal murder of a rarity that will forever shine as an example, not only as an M.P., but to us all.

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