Corruption in public office

Here’s two examples from across the pond:’s why many administrators in the UK’s civil service “those managing our society” appear to be failing – they are being thwarted by a minority abusing their position of trust within, and so incredibly influential in submerging bad faith and unhappyness, are they the workplace bullies because they can be, due to the evil nature of politics and a high level of entryism within the workplace?

The common person – our society is losing access to justice; political scum (dross) appears to be contaminating; giving more power without significant reprimand when an individual is part of an organized circle facilitating corruption within departments of the Planning Inspectorate isn’t good for society; what can it be like working within such a politically controlled nest..

DEFRA: delusive expropriation from rural areas; the reader shouldn’t be alarmed by the comparison of corruption being made, that DEFRA is clearly hand in glove with the bad faith that is endemic and rife within Planning Inspectorate at Bristol.

Just one more after this, and it’s not a coincidence; but ordinarily, any reasonable person can comprehend – see from watching these two interviews how the statistics illustrate the vicious circles where those from the poorer areas are misrepresented/exploited, where half truths are told against those that ordinarily struggle to survive.

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