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← Back to Sadly* the product of the Definitive Map Review is riddled with conspiracy to defraud according to the Fraud Act 2006. DEFRA's creation in 2001 appears a significant necessity to accommodate the machinery of public office fraud and political agenda, to undermine the heritage of England & Wales. Coincidental? – Twenty years after the 20 year rule of the Highways Act 1980 was written into the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981, DEFRA incited multiple appropriations and overt abuses of historic fact & common law evidence, that that overtly correlates to recorded facts which clearly predates the Norman Conquest – 1066, -it's been systematically manipulated since the 1990s. Sham public rights of way inquiries take place, often but not always, chaired by bias scoundrels like Peter Millman, Susan Doran or Helen Slade who write perjurous reports. [*exposing the rot!]