Three charged with fraud relating to horsemeat and beef sales


Kristin Jones, Head of Specialist Fraud for the CPS said:

“After carefully considering evidence from the UK and overseas, the CPS has decided that there is sufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction and it is in the public interest to charge these three men.

“This decision comes after a thorough investigation conducted by the City of London Police in liaison with partner agencies.

“Ulrick Nielsen, Alex Ostler-Beech and Andronicos Sideras will appear at the City of London Magistrates Court on Tuesday 27 September 2016.

“May I remind all concerned that criminal proceedings against Nielsen, Ostler-Beech and Sideras will now be commenced and of their right to a fair trial. It is extremely important that there should be no reporting, commentary or sharing of information online which could in any way prejudice these proceedings.”

Additional Information

Details of charge:

Alex OSTLER-BEECH, Ulrik NIELSEN, and Andronicos SIDERAS between 1 January 2012 and 31 October 2012 conspired together, and with others, to defraud purchasers of goods that contained, wholly or in part, a mixture of beef and horsemeat, by dishonestly arranging for beef and horsemeat to be combined for sale as beef.

Conspiracy to Defraud, contrary to Common Law.


July 2017:

A businessman has appeared in court accused of fraud over his alleged involvement in passing off horsemeat as beef in a plot “motivated by greed”.

Andronicos Sideras went on trial on Thursday accused of conspiring to mix meats together and pass them off as beef. He allegedly bulked out beef with 30,000 kilos of horse before falsifying labels to say it was “100%” beef for ready meals and burgers.

The alleged fraud occurred before the 2013 outrage that saw thousands of products taken off major supermarket shelves.

A jury heard that consumers and other firms were left unsure of what they were eating and short-changed as a result of the alleged scheme in 2012.

“This case, stripped to its essentials, is actually very straightforward. It is about lying to people and deceiving people to make money. Or, to be more precise, to make more money,” the prosecutor, Jonathan Polnay, told the jury. “Like most, if not all, offences of dishonesty, it was motivated by greed.”

He described a process by which ownership of a large shipment of poorer quality cuts of horsemeat, known as “trim”, passed legally through various companies in Europe before coming under the responsibility of a north London firm, Dinos & Sons.

The company’s head, the prosecutor said, was Sideras. “Whilst at Dinos, the horsemeat and the beef would be mixed together into a single load. Where necessary, Dinos would create false paperwork and labels to make it look like all the meat being supplied was beef.”

Opening the prosecution’s case at Inner London crown court on Thursday, Polnay told the jury: “The consequence of this fraud was that consumers and food processors alike were not only out of pocket financially, because they were being done over, but they were being deceived about what they were eating.”

He said that the fraud was a simple process. “In 2012, beef sold for around €3 [£2.60] a kilogram at wholesale prices. Horsemeat was cheaper. At the time, it sold for around €2 [£1.75] a kilogram.

“The people concerned in this case would sell meat and they would pretend it was all beef. It was not. In fact, it was a mixture of beef and horsemeat. The fraudsters made money by selling a mixture of expensive beef and cheap horsemeat as 100% expensive beef.”

Polnay told jurors: “It will be apparent that for the fraud to work it needed someone to carry out the physical mixing of the meats. it needed someone to fix the documents, to make them look genuine. That key role was taken by the defendant.”

As one of the owners of meat firm Dinos & Sons in Tottenham, North London, Sideras appears linked to Dinos’s creation of “..false paperwork and labels to make it look like all the meat being supplied was beef … It is about lying to people and deceiving people … like most, if not all, offences of dishonesty, it was motivated by greed. The fraudsters made money by selling a mixture of expensive beef and cheap horsemeat as 100% expensive beef. … . Mr Polnay added: “There is no dispute that this fraud was going on – the sole question you are to need to decide is whether Mr Sideras was involved in it.”

Two men from another firm, Ulrik Nielsen and Alex Beech, have admitted involvement in the alleged conspiracy.

Sideras, 55, did not speak during the hearing, overseen by Judge Owen Davies QC, but indicated who he was to the jury at the prosecutor’s request. He pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to defraud at an earlier hearing. The trial continues.


But what of DEFRA’s horse trading – injustice and fraudulent activity – its re-writing factuality: our documents of heritage; indoctrinating and misleading the public by false paperwork and spurious reports in order to expropriate/and trespass – do we not see similarity to the R. v. Del Basso case of 2010; the cost of DEFRA’s public fraud: ‘sham public inquiries to expropriate and humiliate’ (criminal activity)?

Although what’s being alleged in the ‘horsemeat mixed with, and sold as beef’ scandal is a public deception; there does not appear to be any evidence of anyone dying from the scam, unlike DEFRA’s evil from which several have taken their own lives due to the anguish & anxiety that DEFRA and its agent provocateurs have caused.

DEFRA’s public fraud appears much more complex, but just as easy to prove, because writings remain! Many may argue ‘what goes best with beef, horse-radish or mustard’; anyone aware of some of the facts and mislead by the chaos, may say; that the former (horse-radish) definitely is better suited to a ‘mixed bag’ of horse meat and prime beef; after all, it’s all a ‘pig in a poke’, is it not; just like DEFRA’s creation to administer their fraudulent concoctions of meaty evidence of dedication. DEFRA have clearly and often stated their pro-horse bias.

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