Emily Thornberry’s British Labour Party Conference Dross – 15 September 2017

What a pontificating nonsense regarding rules and laws – Emily Thornberry has clearly reiterated our need to oppose socialism and its evil affronting the people of the United Kingdom and their access to public justice.
Yes the Tory Party could do much more to improve quality of life for those of England & Wales, but they are having to deal with the lies and deceit that has made the U.K. bad.
Emily needs to look closely at what ethical and moralistic values mean, and how they are an essential complement re quality and access to honest public inquiries. As a barrister she should know that Tony Blair’s New Labour was a disgrace nearly bankrupting our country, the U.K.
─The common law provides – we don’t require many more statutes, just the ability for credible truth not fake news; a requirement that everyone has public access to overt & lucid justice, an improvement in quality of life where common sense prevails – so time wasters and abusers aren’t allowed to be an excuse linked Labour’s manifesto.
Labour have a lot to answer for; promising and stating its own values ─ but what are they, they don’t appear to be sitting on any ethical foundation as I know it. ─ This country went soft under Blair, as a result society appears to have become more selfish, less holistic.
Labour have undermined access to affordable natural justice. Emily ─ get real! Your ‘Party’ and its mixed values suck; what good you promise.
Dennis Skinner appears to have a good principle – promote the right ethos. But despite all Jeremy Corbyn’s general principles towards creating a credible Labour Party, the ‘wishful bucket list’ that he and Dennis appear to promote; it requires borrowing and takes Britain further in the direction [back to the mess] that Blair’s ‘New Labour’ created from its lies & deceit. ─ A continued policy of corruption in public office – championed by Hilary Benn.