Demonstrating Corruption in Public Office, America

Corruption in public office is a common cancer of society; distinguishing between loyalty and integrity is most often very difficult, but there’s no such thing as half truths.

Whistleblowing is a rare occurrence because the probabilty of the unquantifyable amount of stone-walling and hardship ostracizing the initiator (and their family) faces – has to endure.

The following is (an example of) an eye-opener to the early stages of unravelling, once someone has a perception that untoward activity and abuse of public privilege has occurred, and a warrant obtained.

The corrupt sheriff appears to be assisted by his colleagues.. and so the question of integrity in public office any country; this provision is not bias, purely for its simplicity – a viewer’s mind.

When a member of the general public has a problem that draws them to interacting with public office (in simple) they are not afforded the accessibility of working within and/or to the departments that they may be challenging, that someone within may have; of particularly concern is the influence or shaddow of corruption due to political influence; this creates a department of people selected because of common affinity or bias.

Giving local authorities more legal power is undermining the integrity of the U.K’s judiciary; ‘any’ mechanisms within, personal or political – all it takes is one person placed within having access to interfere with any procedural process (due process) that a respondent has to thwart and frustrate that person’s ‘ordinarily’ only path of challenge; distinguishes the common law courts of England & Wales from those quasi.