Corruption; U.K. Government Report Dec 2014, applicable to the Definitive Map

UKantiCorruptionPlan Dec 2014

Prescription Act 1832;

Rights of Way Act 1932: ‘20’ & ‘40’ year rules defined;

The National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act 1949: obscurity re the ‘40’ year rule;

Rights of Way Act 1968;

Highways Act 1980; ‘20’ year rule only, no longer a ‘40’ year rule;

Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981* – [plus 20 years = 2001 = DEFRA]

Cycle Tracks Act 1984;

Was IPROW established in 1986 as a politically motivated, absolutely bias organisation; to facilitate association between corrupt inspectors & others in complicity (acting in common purpose – agent provocateurs), or not?

Countryside & Rights of Way (CROW) Act 2000

*Was DEFRA’s creation from MAFF in summer of 2001 coincidental to the ‘20 year rule’ [1980/81 + 20 years = 2000/2001], or a political sham in common purpose with IPROW to: ‘facilitate the thousands of “highly unusual” public rights of way discovery frauds’?

The Attorney General’s 9th January introduction to the Fraud Act 2006 – in force 15th Jan 2007, appears quite simple to understand; but was DEFRA’s common purpose with those of the Planning Inspectorate & travelling-forums such as Devon County Council’s bent & corrupt Travelling-forum: Jenny Parsons, Julie Rudge,*, Emily Spurway and Roy Coombs; not a corroborative testimony, available, that’s probative of DEFRA’s Peter Millman’s overt evil discourse from the truth? [*Where does Mr Alan Kind’s membership of IPROW fit in; does his integrity sit or straddle the fence of good character & credibility versus bad faith & complicity? How does one distinguish one group acting in illicit common purpose from other groups acting in similar fashion – when one or more of their group members are interwoven (sub conspiracies), if it is not with reference to the Fraud Act 2006 and the Attorney General’s 9th January 2007 use of the descriptor ‘conspiracy to defraud’ nexus?

A probative area of slippery personal & political manipulations criminally undermine our British democracy by bullying, and perverting historic probative evidence existing; an insurmountable volume of records, backed by the common law of England & Wales, makes fathoming DEFRA’s creation, a known conspiracy & most interesting public fraud, not just a mystique conspiracy for the imagination, for it is full of baddies covered by: ‘Murphy on Evidence (Peter Murphy & Richard Glover)’, ‘The Law of Evidence (Professor Ian Dennis)’, and Criminal Law (Michael Jefferson).

These significantly well established documents have evolved conterminously with the bad faith, the illicit public stealth, that has irrefutably disfigured Parliament’s public rights of way Definitive Map Review; it would be shameful not to identify how they assist one’s ability to understand the corruption that had overcome the integrity of the Definitive Map.

Godmanchester Findings 2007, U.K. House of Lords, define a positive & overt act of non-dedication by a landowner (in simple) resets the ‘20’ year requirement; makes a significant hurdle for those stealthily and illicitly procuring a landowner’s dedication for public use; and undermines any misconceived integrity and absurd fictions of discovery.

DEFRA’s creation and purpose appears to be the facilitation of public inquiry fixing fraud; it’s an engine of overt political control – the Planning Inspectorate its clutch, & travelling-forums provide the fuel. ─ But oil* & vinegar* don’t mix, and if there’s any overt intention to drive off without paying for fuel, don’t put the wrong fuel in the right tank, it will assist justice in frustrating the corruption you’ve been causing.