Autism bollix:

Bowdlerising agendas, Conspiracies defrauding, Exacting frauds & ‘Cash-cows’ exploiting; corruption in public office: DEFRA and the TPT*, and the mental affect on those with working memory difficulties. [*Traffic Penalty Tribunal]

Your thoughts on:

Why local authorities should not be given more powers that affront the principles of natural justice, our British democracy and the common law.

What happens when justice is denied, curtailed by a public employee’s illicit act or intervention beyond the statute employed, in order to influence a legal event?

Should unfair austerity (corruption) dominate and oppress those with autism and other mental processing difficulties?

Should usage of generic letters* be allowed when use conflicts with the statute’s lucid instruction?

[*sterile inappropriate communications that falsely indicate a valid, lawful, consideration has taken place. Sent in reply by an employee (a civil servant) acting with reckless indifference to the defence statement submitted by an accused (a victim) making a rational and reasonable defence.]